Medvarsity is one of India’s leading online medical education company. Medvarsity offers a large set of blended learning programs for healthcare professionals, which include a web-based learning component and a face-to-face clinical training component. In order to further improve the quality of education, Medvarsity has partnered with Columbia Asia Hospitals to provide students with clinical and bed-side training in specific specialization areas.

Medvarsity’s courses are accredited with some of the leading educational and research organizations in the world. These include: Cornell University (USA), University of New South Wales (Australia), Royal Liverpool Academy (UK), Melbourne University (Australia), SIMTICS (New Zealand), Royal College of General Practitioners (UK), AHERF (India).

As part of this partnership, Columbia Asia Hospitals shall provide the necessary amenities to the students posted for the clinical training for each course according to the structure and quality framework provided by Medvarsity and shall provide the students with a suitable learning environment and supervision consistent with the program’s curriculum and training structure.

The following courses are being jointly offered by Medvarsity and Columbia Asia Hospitals at specific locations.
Course Duration Clinical Training duration at CAH
Diploma in Emergency Medicine 12 months 12 months
Fellowship in Diabetes 12 months 4 weeks
Fellowship in Clinical Cardiology 12 months 12 weeks
Fellowship in Critical Care Medicine 12 months 12 weeks
Fellowship in Intensive care medicine 6 months 2 weeks
Fellowship in 2D echocardiography 12 months 2 weeks
Fellowship in Obstetrics and Gynecology 12 months 12 weeks
Fellowship in Pediatrics 12 months 12 weeks
Fellowship in Dialysis 6 months 2 weeks    

Course location
Columbia Asia Hospitals - Bengaluru, Palam Vihar, Ghaziabad, Kolkata, Mysore and Pune.

Eligibility and Course fee:
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