Preparation for robotic gastrointestinal surgery

Prior to robotic surgery some steps are to be taken

  1. Understand why your surgeon has offered robotic surgery
  2. Know all relevant information on your surgery and get clarifications on any concerns you may have
  3. Inform your doctor what medications you are currently taking and if you have any allergies
  4. Instructions will be given by the consultant to:
    • Stop blood thinners 7-10 days prior to surgery
    • Stop all herbal and other supplements
    • Stop or continue regular medicines like anti diabetics, anti hypertensives etc
  5. Pre-assessment for the surgery will be done, to assess fitness and suitability for surgery and anesthesia. Following tests may be done as part of this evaluation:
    • General clinical and physical examination
    • Chest X ray
    • ECG
    • Routine blood tests to assess functioning of all organs
    • An ultrasound abdomen and/ or CT may be done
    • Clearances from other specialists as warranted, like cardiologist, pulmonologist etc
  6. An informed consent will be taken by your treating consultant
  7. Fasting is advised for 6 hours before surgery