CSSD Technicians

Main Job Tasks
  • Responsible for receipt of different un-sterile instrument packs with a checklist and record in appropriate register.
  • Responsible for cleaning & setting up the sets as per the protocol.
  • Autoclave according to laid down protocol and dispatch to respective departments/sections.
  • Ensure that each autoclave cycle is recorded.
  • Responsible for ensuring cleanliness/ disinfection of the unit.
  • Ensure that the machines are in working order.
  • Ensure that all preventive maintenance schedules are carried out on time.

Dialysis Technicians/Supervisor

Main Job Tasks
  1. To organise training and teaching programmes for technicians / trainees.
  2. To help Technicians in the management of sick patients and in use of difficult vascular access.
  3. To prepare Technicians duty rooster.
  4. To prepare patients dialysis schedule and to get it endorsed by Co-ordinator.
  5. To ensure that water quality is good.
  6. To maintain and register monitoring of water quality and maintenance (repair of treatment plant)
  7. To ensure that the dialysis machines are in good working condition.

Emergency Medical Technician

Main Job Tasks
  1. Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury and establishes priority for required emergency care. Based on assessment findings, renders emergency medical care to adult, infant and child, medical and trauma patients under the guidance of Medical Officer.

Dialysis Technician

Main Job Tasks
  1. To prepare the dialysers, for re-use of patients dialysed during the shift.
  2. Technicians of the particular shift should prime the dialysers of patients coming during next shifts.
  3. To check starting dialysis charts / previous dialysis sheets thoroughly for special instructions.
  4. To check any blood samples to be taken, fill up forms and label containers.
  5. To arrange for blood in case of transfusion advise.
  6. To plan weight loss according to pre-weight / ideal weight and blood pressure.

Facilities Technician

Main Job Tasks
  • Responsible for the working condition of AHU’s , UPS, STP plant, drainage system, boilers, gas plant, chiller, chiller pumps, pump room and rectifies/reports problems.
  • To ensure that all the diesel generator sets are in working condition.
  • Take meter reading of HT, LT reading, dental department reading.
  • Maintains prescribed medical gas pressures
  • Monitors the medical gas pipeline panel
  • Makes sure that there is uninterrupted electrical supply to the hospital
  • Does preventive maintenance as per the schedule