Treatment Guide

Preparing for a surgery:
A number of steps involved in preparing for a surgical procedure. Some salient ones are enlisted below, although these may not be applicable to all patients.

The patient will be required to fast overnight before the procedure; not even consumption of water is permitted after midnight.
  • An enema may be administered, depending on the procedure
  • Depending on the site of the procedure, the part will be shaved/clipped and marked with a pen, as applicable
  • Removing dentures and jewelry are routine and important safety measures
  • A body-wash and change of attire is required prior to the procedure
The following information will be useful for those undergoing a surgery. Any additional information required can be addressed by the medical or nursing staff.
  • The consultant will brief you about the surgery in advance
  • The patient/attendant will have to sign a consent form for the surgery. It is important to read the consent form before signing it. In case of any clarification, the same has to be discussed with the consultant
  • The patient also undergoes a pre-anesthesia check by the anesthetist. The aim is to assess the fitness for surgery