Patient’s Rights & Responsibilities

Patient's Rights
As a patient, you are entitled to the following:

Respectful Care:
  • Receive necessary care regardless of race, gender, origin, language, age, disability or source of payment
  • Privacy during care, examinations, treatments and conversations with the physician and other healthcare providers
  • Protection from mental and physical abuse or harassment
  • Have health care information provided in a manner and form that the patient can understand
Involvement in Care Decisions:
  • Make informed decisions about the care yourself or through an attendant
  • Access to medical record & confidentiality
  • All medical records will be treated as confidential by the staff. Exceptions are as required by law, transfer of care or third party administrator/insurance contract

Express Concern about Care or Billing:
  • Express any concerns regarding patient care
  • We encourage the patient to communicate concerns or compliments to their consultant, the customer care assistants or any member of our staff
  • Information on expected costs of treatment
  • Examine your bill and receive an explanation of the charges regardless of the source of payment for your care
Patient's Responsibilities
As a patient, you have the following responsibilities: 

Answer questions correctly:
  • Provide accurate health related information
Make sure you understand:
  • Ask questions to understand your treatment plan 
  • Read all medical forms thoroughly
  • Ask for clarifications before signing the consent form
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by the healthcare provider
Help us serve you better:
  • Be considerate of the hospital’s personnel and property
  • Observe facility policies and procedures, including those related to smoking, noise, and number of visitors
Visitor information:
  • Visitors are welcome during the visiting hours 
  • Visiting hours - between 4 - 7 pm on weekdays, between 11 am - 1 pm and 4 - 7 pm on Sundays & public holidays
  • On admission to the hospital, one visitor pass and one companion pass shall be given to the patient
  • All the passes have to be returned to the cashier when the final bill is being cleared
  • The companion / visitor passes are to be worn at all times in the hospital 
  • The room number is prominently displayed on the pass for ease of verification by the security personnel
  • Visitors in the intensive care areas are requested to adhere to infection control protocols while entering the ICU/NICU (Intensive Care Unit/Neonatal Intensive Care Unit)
  • The number of visitors is restricted to one at a time
  • Children visiting the hospital to be supervised at all times
  • Visitors may have to leave the room temporarily while the patient is being examined by the care provider