Other Services

Ambulance services are available for patients in case of emergencies, transportation to other hospitals for investigations and transport back home at the time of discharge. The customer care staff or nursing staff will assist in availing the ambulance services. Pickup and drop charges are billed separately.

Drinking Water:
Safe potable water is kept at every patient’s bedside. The nurse stations should be informed for refills.

The housekeeping department will be responsible for the cleanliness in the room. Cleaning is normally carried out in the morning.  Patient’s co-operation is requested to ensure that the room is cleaned properly.

Internet Access and Business Facilities:
Please contact the customer care staff for access to broadband internet services in the room. The charges for the same will be indicated in advance and billed separately.

The information desk located on the ground floor will be happy to assist with travel related queries and any other information.

Laundry services are available on request at additional charges. It usually takes 24 hours to process the laundry.

Lost and Found:
  • All lost and found articles are handled by the customer care department. The department will contact the patient/relative in case ownership is traceable and will hand over the same
  • Any lost and found items will be retained for one month only
Unclaimed Baggage / Articles:
The patient is requested not to leave any baggage or belongings unattended at any point of time. In case any unattended baggage or suspicious looking material is spotted or found, it is expected to be brought to the notice of hospital staff

Mails, Packages, Flowers and Food from outside the hospital:
All mails and packages will be delivered to the patient’s room. Please note that flowers, fruits and meals from outside the hospital will not be allowed as per the infection control policies.

Diet will be decided by the treating physician and the dietician.  It is important that the patient is not served any other food without the knowledge of dietician. It is advised not to consume food from any other source including your home during the hospital stay. In case of any queries regarding the diet plan, the dietician will assist and evaluate the diet needs. The café offers a wide range of cuisine for the comfort of patient’s companion.
Meal Timings:
Refreshments, snacks and meals will be served at various times and also depending on the diet prescribed.

All patients are provided with the daily newspaper during their stay as per their language preference. (Except Columbia Clinic)

Any medication prescribed during the patient’s stay is indented through the 24 hour pharmacy located on the ground floor. The pharmacy caters to the requirements of both inpatients and outpatients.

All patient beds have access to telephone services at additional charges. However, the staff should be kept informed in case of external call facility requirement. Details of all calls made will be provided during discharge.
All calls will be connected to the patient’s extension number only between 7 am - 9 pm. After 9 pm, all calls will be screened in order to ensure that the patient is not unduly disturbed and gets adequate rest. 

TV Policy: (Except Columbia Clinic)
  • Single and Two-bedded rooms are provided with television sets. The TV remote control will be handed over to the patient after admission
  • Patients sharing the room with another patient are requested to be considerate with regards to choice of channels, time of viewing and noise levels
  • Any problems with the TV set should be reported to the nurse who will address the issue