Admission Process

Both emergency and routine admissions are facilitated through customer care at the reception. On deciding the preferred room type, you will be required to fill in the inpatient consent form. All clarifications regarding the concent form will be addressed by customer care. After signing the consent form and completing admission formalities, you will be escorted to the room. Admissions are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pre-Surgical Evaluation:
The pre-operative anesthetic check-up is done for all patients undergoing any procedure, to ensure safety and fitness for the surgery.

A doctor will discuss with you about your health and give you pre-operative instructions. The nurse will carry out the pre-operative care, as per directions from the surgeon and anesthesiologist. 

In some cases, the patient may need to come to the hospital a few days before surgery for all tests. During this visit, the patient will be fully evaluated by the surgeon and anesthesiologist and certain laboratory/radiology tests would be conducted. The information obtained at this visit is important to provide the safest possible care during surgery.

Admission Kit:
An admission kit is available in the room for use. The kit contains basic toiletries that is required during the stay at the hospital. 

Please get in touch with the insurance desk to avail cashless facility through the Third Party Administrator (TPA). 

The finance counselor will share an estimate of your treatment and also the initial deposit amount. The customer care department will keep you appraised on the necessity to ‘top up’ your deposits as and when required. Deposits can be made in cash or by credit card. Please note that personal cheques will not be accepted.

Personal Belongings and Valuables:
Pack lightly when you come to the hospital for admission. You will be required to wear appropriate hospital attire, which will be provided to you during your stay. Please do not carry excess cash and valuables with you. The hospital will not bear any responsibility for loss of personal belongings or valuables. 

Room Assignment:
You will be provided the room type that you have requested for. In case the room type specified by you is not available, we will allot the best alternative room available. You have a choice of the following room types:
  • Ultra deluxe single bedded room (available at select hospitals)
  • Single bedded room
  • Two bedded room 
  • Five bedded room
(Please check individual hospital pages for the room details)

Room transfers subsequent to admission are possible subject to availability. For any such requests, please inform the nurse station. 

Policy on Patient Companions:
As a policy, only one companion is allowed per patient. Patient companion will not be permitted overnight stay in the five bedded rooms. Patients admitted in the ICU, Labour ward, OT recovery and other critical areas, will not be allowed to have a companion stay with them. However, companions may visit them periodically at specific times. Please ask the Customer Care for details of visiting hours.

Once the patient is shifted from room to the ICU / OT / Labor wards, the patient's attendants will have to vacate the room with immediate effect. The customer care department will assist your companion with accommodation near the hospital.