Timely medical observation gives new lease of life to French national

March 07, 2019

A 78 – year – old French national gets new lease of life after timely observation by specialists at Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal in Bengaluru. The patient was suffering from hypertension and was lucky enough that his gangrene was discovered at the right time to enable an emergency surgery.

A French national who was on a trip to India was brought to Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal with a gangrenous tumor in his intestine. Before coming to Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal, he was evaluated with tumor in a private hospital in Puducherry after he complained of severe pain in the abdomen. Upon discovery of a tumor in the intestine, he decided to go back to France in order to get operated there. Before going to France, he approached Columbia Asia Hospital to keep him under observation until he travels back to France for further treatment.

Doctor informed him beforehand that keeping him under observation meant constant monitoring and evaluation. Once the patient agreed to the terms of the hospital, his transfer from the airport was planned and organized by the hospital. This involved correspondence with the French embassy via email and phone calls as well as with his relatives in Bengaluru and his cousin staying in France. After all formalities the patient was brought to the emergency unit wherein after a thorough examination, it was decided that he should be kept in critical care in the high-dependency unit by Dr. Khazi Javeed Irfan, Consultant-Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital Hebbal and team of doctors.

The patient was under constant monitoring when he complained of severe abdominal pain the next day of his admission at the hospital. After a lengthy discussion with all parties involved that is the embassy, relatives in Bangalore and France, the patient underwent an ultrasound examination through which gall bladder perforation was discovered, which was a little inconclusive. A CT scan with contrast was done to diagnose the root problem. Through the CT scan, gangrenous cholecystitis was discovered which could cause death. This condition is an acute surgical emergency which occurs due to the development of gangrene in gall bladder going necrosis leading to infection. This can rapidly spread leading to infection and death of the patient.

Dr. Irfan said "In this case of emergency, there is a possibility of the gangrenous gall bladder dying and perforating sepsis which could prove fatal. The abdomen, `being a closed space infection can spread to the intestines as well. The patient was lucky enough that his gangrene was discovered at the right time to enable an emergency surgery to be performed. Gangrene is usually very sudden in terms of occurance and is known to give little or no time for recovery measures to be applied. An immediate surgery was planned and performed after consultation with the patient’s doctors at France and family".

"The surgery was successfully performed and the condition of the patient is stable. The doctor planned for a second ERCP procedure (Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography) post-surgery to examine the pancreatic and bile ducts but the patient wanted to return to France and continue the remaining procedures there. On extensive examination, his condition was found to be stable and he was declared fit to travel. After a lengthy process, he flew back to France and is now fit and healthy. The decision of keeping the patient under observation and doctor’s stand of not just monitoring but acting in the best interest of the patient and evaluating on time worked in the patient’s favor granting him a new lease of life" added Dr. Irfan who treated 78-year-old French national successfully.