Tear in coronary artery causes stomach pain too

September 29, 2019

A 35-year-old man was suffering from severe abdominal pain, vomiting and loose motion and was rushed to a private hospital. Later, on performing a CT scan, the doctors were shocked to see a tear in the inner lining of the coronary artery.

The patient, Arul (name changed), a software engineer, was taken for an emergency aortic surgery.

Dr Joseph Xavier, Senior Consultant, HOD, Chief of Cardio-Thoracic, Vascular Surgery, Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapur Road, said, "Arul’s condition was different and complex. He was very critical since his major blood vessel was split into two partitions with some of its branches splitting."

A normal valve in a person consists of three leaves, but in Arul’s case there were only two. Such patients are prone to aortic dissection and should be always careful about maintaining their blood pressure.

In Arul’s case, the condition was serious owing to various factors: sedentary lifestyle, caffeine intake, smoking and hypertension. However, after a 12 hour surgery, Arul is now recovering.

"A full body check-up around the age of 30 is a must. This is especially important for those leading a stressful life as well as those with a family history of certain medical conditions like heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes," Dr Xavier said.