Man from karnataka become a saviour for the people during lockdown due to the pandemic

June 16, 2021

Krishna J from Ambalpady village in Udupi district, Karnataka came as a saviour for about 70-odd families who were in need of struggling owing to the Covid lockdown

The 42-year-old daily wage worker had very little for himself but still, he did not hesitate to spend his earnings and investments on the poor families in his community who were in dire need of the basic necessities.

Krishna, who works as a woodcutter and lives with his mother and sister just three kilometres from Udupi, has come to the rescue of poor families in Kalmady, Kappettu, Katapady, Bachanabail, and other areas by distributing ration kits containing rice, tea powder, sugar, coconuts, soaps, and other necessities.

He recalled the incident that took place a few weeks ago when he cleared the uprooted trees and earned a little money which he used to purchase the basic necessities. He explained that a lot of people are struggling to combat the pandemic and also the lockdown as well. He had saved nearly Rs 70,000 and some money recently, which he decided to use and purchase the basic necessities for the poor family.

He stated that initially, they delivered essentials to people's homes, and later, they summoned them to a Bhajana Mandir and distributed the kits in the presence of gramme panchayat members.

He does other jobs besides cutting wood, such as coconut picking and roofing. When asked why he chose to help the poor when he himself does not have enough money, he said that he understands the pain of poverty and hunger.

During this pandemic, he urged people to stand together and assist each other. Aside from delivering ration kits, Krishna has assisted many poor families with ambulance expenses in the event of a death. This is not the first time, during the first wave he had also distributed ration kits to the needy.