Gymnast Sachin undergoes two complex surgeries

May 03, 2019

After seriously injuring his cervical spine due to a fall during practice, national level gymnast Sachin Kagdra underwent two complex surgeries at the Columbia Asia Hospital, Gurugram. This was the second time in four years that Sachin injured his cervical spine during a practice session, but this time the injury was graver than the last.

The surgeries, which took about five hours to complete, are technically known as anterior cervical decompression and stabilization, and posterior cervical stabilization. The surgeries require precision since the injury can compromise the functioning of the respiratory system.

"Last week, Sachin fell on his back and injured his cervical spine - a bone in his neck was dislocated that was compressing his spine. As a result, he arrived paralysed below shoulder technically called quadriplegia. Last time, he had injured vertebrae C 4 and C 5 while this time, vertebrae C 5 and C 6 were injured," Dr Arun Bhanot, Chief of Spine Services at the hospital said.

"After doing the required tests, an MRI and a CT scan, we performed two complex surgeries on his neck back to back to insert screws and rods and stabilize his spine on Thursday," he added.

When Sachin suffered a similar injury to his spine in 2015, he was successfully treated by Bhanot and went back to gymnastics.

Currently, Sachin has recovered around 60 per cent and the doctor is hopeful of a complete recovery in the next few weeks.