Doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital transform life of a man through laser prostatectomy

January 26, 2021

Delaying treatment for any health problems can either cause serious dysfunction or at times be fatal. There is a need for understanding the impact of delay in treatment and the resulting outcome which can be life-threatening if neglected. Immediate medical attention and care can save patients from the risk of serious conditions or ailments and can improve their quality of life. One such case was recently attended by the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru.

The immediate medical attention at the right time and the advanced medical technology used for the treatment transformed the life of an 83-year-old man, Balasubramanyam who was treated for enlarged prostate through laser prostatectomy procedure.

Balasubramanyam came to Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, with difficulty in urinating and severe abdominal pain and hypertension. He was suffering from severe urinary tract infection for almost 4 months. With severe pain and not able to pass urine, Balasubramanyam consulted the doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital. The doctors at the hospital carried out a thorough examination and post evaluation, he was diagnosed with gross enlargement of the prostate with variations in the bladder. His lack of awareness of the condition had delayed the treatment thereby impacting the quality of life.

While speaking about the condition of Balasubramanyam, Dr Dinesh Kumar T P, Senior Consultant Urology, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru, said “The patient had come to us with difficulty in passing urine and he had severe abdominal pain. We did a detailed evaluation where he was diagnosed with prostate enlargement. Although an enlarged prostate is a common condition with older men, it can be uncomfortable and also lead to bladder and kidney problems. Treating it at the right time with the right kind of treatment is important. Advanced technology in healthcare has today helped in faster treatment and recovery. Hence, we counselled the patient regarding the pros and cons of Laser Prostatectomy and performed the procedure.”

Dr Vinay K, Junior Consultant, Urology, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Mysuru, said “Balasubramanyam had hypertension which is one of the major risk factors of prostate problems. When he consulted us, we did an evaluation of his condition and considering his age we decided to go ahead with minimally invasive surgery, laser prostatectomy using 100w Holmium Laser which paced up his recovery.”

Speaking about the situation, Balasubramanyam said “I am extremely happy with the treatment I received at Columbia Asia Hospital and I have recovered completely. I am now able to function normally keeping in mind the necessary precautions as advised by the doctors.” Balasubramanyam responded to the laser prostatectomy well and he has recovered now. He can pass urine without any problem or pain and is leading a healthy life.