Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield successfully executed a critical case of 5-yr-old boy who swallowed naphthalene balls

February 27, 2019

Abhay a 5 year- old child, had accidentally swallowed a naphthalene ball which had resulted in Haemolytic anaemia and Methemoglobinemia with G6PD deficiency leading to very low oxygen levels in his body.

He was immediately rushed to Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield with severe jaundice and pallor (pale skin), Abhay was also complaining of vomiting and decreased urine output within a few hours after the ingestion.

He was directly admitted in the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU) for further examinations. He was very drowsy during the treatment hours.  His Initial investigations revealed G6PD deficiency, due to which the boy suffered from haemolysis reaction and severe anaemia which is a life threating condition for the patient, wherein the red blood cells get busted and settle in kidneys resulting in kidney failure. But fortunately Abhay was saved before this could happen.

“G6PD is required for normal functioning of red blood cells. Its deficiency perceives no symptoms but if exposed to medicines causing oxidative stress may lead to bursting of RBC and the filter of haemoglobin so quick & fast ultimately ending in kidney failure. 

Clinically he didn’t have any feverish symptoms and was also free from seizure and respiratory distress.

The blood was transfused as a result of severe haemolysis, with injection. In next few days methemoglobin levels showed a gradual decrease. His urine output was nil and Diuresis done along with other supportive medications. Methylene blue injection was prescribed after checking for G6PD status. 

“During the hospital stay, there was gradual improvement in saturation along with urine colour, and also the pale skin was turning out to be healthy with the decrease in jaundice too. The patient recovered well and will not suffer from any problem in near future” said Dr Senthil Kumar, Consultant Paediatric, Neonatal & Cardiac Intensivist, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield.