Baby survives fall from building & Covid blow

October 25, 2020

A year-old boy, who fell accidentally from the first floor of a building, suffered not only seizures and brain injury, but also inflammatory syndrome associated with Covid. After treatment for 18 days, he finally made a complete recovery.

Around 4pm on September 17, the boy who was playing in the first floor balcony of his grandmother’s house in Peenya, fell to the ground.

The shocked grandmother could only watch helplessly as he slipped from the low parapet wall. His parents rushed the profusely bleeding boy to nearby hospitals and then to Columbia Asia Hospital near Yeshwantpur. He was immediately taken to the emergency section for treatment.

The major challenges were the head injury, stroke and seizures, along with the bleeding. The baby also suffered from low blood pressure. ‘4% positivity rate hard to sustain’ Karnataka’s Covid positivity rate, which was below 4% on Saturday, is a welcome relief but experts feel it may not be a reflection of the ground reality. Some say the state may see cases spiralling in the first week of November because of Dasara festivities and the ongoing election campaigns. P 2

Doctors updated parents about boy’s health status via video calls

The seizures were controlled gradually, but he was still in a coma by night. By then, the hospital had taken his nasal and throat swab for Covid testing, a requirement for every hospitalised case and he tested positive. “It was a tough time for the parents as they had no symptoms of Covid. He was put on a ventilator and treated with medicines along with fluids and his blood circulation became better,” said Dr Supraja Chandrashekar, paediatric intensivist, Columbia Asia hospital.

The boy was on a ventilator for three days, but continued to be in the ICU. Repeat CT scan of the brain showed no further bleeding. He regained consciousness after three days. Meanwhile, the hospital asked the parents to undergo Covid testing. While the homemaker-mother tested positive but was asymptomatic, the farmer-father was negative. They could not be with the child in the hospital, but the medical team updated them via video calls.

Another challenge for the team was to comfort the baby who was terrified of seeing health workers in PPE. On the fifth day, the father was allowed to visit him. “He hadn’t seen a human face for two days after he regained consciousness. He had seen parents only on video calls,” doctors said.

"After seven days, he was shifted to a ward. As expected in post-Covid infections, he developed Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome — Covid (MISC). This is seen among corona-positive kids and involves inflammation of the heart, lungs, kidneys, skin, gastrointestinal organs. However, doctors had prepared for this contingency. On Day 10, his mother was allowed to be with him. “Once he was shifted to the general ward, he could see other paediatric patients and felt better,” said Dr Supraja.

The boy was discharged on October 5, after 18 days in hospital. He was able to stand. A week after discharge, he had recovered well and even walked into the hospital for a checkup. The parents requested Dr Supraja if she could remove the mask so that they could see her. The family still doesn’t know how the boy fell. “We have no clue how he got Covid. When we took him to hospitals, I wasn’t wearing a mask. That may be a reason,” the mother said.