Endoscopy Technician

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Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 00:00
Job Position: 
Job Description: 
Main Job Tasks
  • Prepare and set up Endoscopy main rooms and middle room (bed prep, instrument set-up for procedure being performed, computer set up, supply set up, IV prep).
  • Prepare and present patient for procedure along with the patient chart. Verify patient is NPO and has taken colon prep. Check for allergies and ask if the patient has any question regarding the procedure.
  • Explain to the patient the procedure, connect them to monitoring equipment, reassure & comfort patients during procedures.
  • Follow specific guidelines for each procedure to be performed as per defined protocols (Colonoscopies, Bronchoscopies, Liver Biopsies & Peg Tube Placements).
  • Ensures consents, pre procedure preparation, confidentiality and privacy of patients
  • Keep track of supplies; make sure travel cart is ready for use in the ICU or the OR. Restock and order supplies. Clean Endoscopy rooms, maintain, troubleshoot & sterilize all Endoscopy equipment.
  • Set up for unit, track scopes and process on return.
  • Coordinate with Central Sterile Supply for special requirements
  • Assist the attending physician as directed in all Endoscopy procedures including bedside procedures
  • Obtains vital signs, temperature, heights, girth measurements, or other specific parameters as directed.
5-8 years
Graduate/10+2 with certificate course in Endoscopic  Techniques, min. 5 years experience in hospitals