Emergency Medical Technician

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Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 00:00
Job Position: 
Job Description: 
Main Job Tasks
  1. Determines the nature and extent of illness or injury and establishes priority for required emergency care. Based on assessment findings, renders emergency medical care to adult, infant and child, medical and trauma patients under the guidance of Medical Officer.
  2. From the knowledge of the condition of the patient and the extent of injuries and the relative locations and staffing of emergency hospital facilities, determines the most appropriate facility to which the patient will be transported, unless otherwise directed by medical direction. Reports directly to the emergency department or communications center the nature and extent of injuries, the number being transported, and the destination to assure prompt medical care on arrival. Identifies assessment findings, which may require communications with medical direction for advice and for notification that special professional services and assistance be immediately available upon arrival at the medical facility.
  3. Constantly assesses patient en route to emergency facility, administers additional care as indicated or directed by medical direction.
  4. Assists in lifting and carrying the patient out of the ambulance and into the receiving facility.
  5. Reports verbally and in writing their observation and emergency medical care of the patient at the emergency scene and in transit to the receiving facility staff for purposes of records and diagnostics. Upon request, provides assistance to the receiving facility staff.
2-5 years
10+2 with EMT diploma with min. 2 years experience.