A special Thank you to Dr. Mukta Nadig

We consulted Dr. Mukta Nadig for our second baby. Our boy was born on May 14, 2014 at Columbia Asia, Hebbal. We are convinced that consulting Dr. Mukta for the pregnancy was a very good decision. The entire pregnancy experience right from the regular consultations was a pleasure since her approach with patients is very individualized. During the entire 9 months we never waited beyond the time of appointment to meet her, since she was so prompt and punctual during all the visits. She was patient in responding in great detail to all questions one may have. Dr. Mukta, we believe you to be a gentle, caring, skilled doctor and a very polite individual. We feel it is important to acknowledge your special talents so that you can ride on this appreciation and continue in the knowledge that you are doing an excellent job. We cannot thank you enough for the pleasurable experience. Thank you again! A big thank you to all the staff who assisted you in the process. You and your team were extremely professional, friendly and helpful in the entire process. 
Mrs. Bhagavath
Bangalore, Karnataka

Note: Images used are suggestive and does not represent the actual patient.