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Dealing with Heatstroke

How to deal with sunstroke?

We have entered the month of March but the heat from the sun and hot summer air can alread...

Dystonia Symptoms and Causes

Everything you need to know about dystonia

Everyone likes to have control over their lives or at least over their bodies. However, at...

Urinary Incontinence

A leaky bladder could be a sign of urinary incontinence

Do you find yourself rushing to the loo often? Did you know that urine can be an involunta...

Health Tips

How to be active and healthy in today’s age?

For most of us work means waking up early in the morning, getting dressed in hurry, having...

Treatment of Palm Rashes

How to Prevent Palm Rashes?

There has been so much emphasis for the past month about hand hygiene due to COVID-19 pand...

Skincare and Probiotics

Skincare: Know Benefits Probiotics for Your Skin

For healthy and glowing skin you need right nutrition. Various vitamins and minerals are e...

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