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Tips to Deal with Back Pain

Tips to deal with shoulder and back pain

Most of us are working from home because of the recent changes around us. Hunched to our b...

Tips to Prevent & Deal with Text Neck

Text Neck - A Common Ailment among Smartphone Addicts

In this digital age, it is a common sight to see people of all ages hunched over their dig...

Work from Home Tips

Work From Home Tips

Many of us are now working from home, bringing family members closer than ever before. How...

Wearing masks to prevent lung diseases

Face Masks: A simple way to prevent many lung diseases

A face mask before the COVID-19 outbreak was something only limited to someone who was ill...

Stress Triggers Acidity in Children

Excessive stress triggers teenage acidity

Is making your child eat healthy meals on time the biggest task of your day? Did your chil...

Tips for Parents with Autistic Child

Taking care of children with autism

Communication and interaction in any form is the basis of human evolution. It helps us und...

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