What to Pack When Going To the Hospital for Delivery

You may want to pack two small bags for the hospital: one for the items you'll need during labour and another for items that you won't need until after you give birth. We recommend having everything ready to go when you are eight months pregnant, since you could go into labour at any time in the weeks before your due date.

What to take to the hospital for delivery?

Here's a list of things recommended when going to the hospital for delivery:

The ultimate hospital bag checklist for labor

  • Your insurance card and/or any hospital paperwork your company may ask
  • Eyeglasses if you wear them. Contact lenses are better avoided when in the hospital.
  • Toiletries: Pack a few personal items, such as lip balm, deodorant, a brush or comb and a hair band or clip.
  • Most of the multi-speciality hospital provides soap, shampoo, shower gel, tooth paste and tooth brush.
  • Although, the hospital or birthing center will provide gowns for you to use during labor and in the ward. Pack slippers and a robe, which may come in handy if you want to walk around during labor.
  • Things that will help you relax: Music and something to play it on, a picture of someone or something you love, anything you find reassuring. Bring some reading material.

What should I bring to Labour Ward?

Here’s a list of items required during delivery time

  • A list of people to call and their phone numbers, your cell phone and charger or if you wish to use the hospital phone, a prepaid phone card.
  • Comfortable nursing bras or regular bras. Your breasts are likely to be tender and swollen when your milk comes in, which can happen anytime during the first several days after delivery.
  • Several pairs of underpants. The hospital will provide sanitary pads because you'll bleed after delivery.
  • Photos of your other children. When they come to visit, they'll see that you haven't forgotten them.
  • Gifts for older siblings. Some parents bring gifts for the new baby to "give" to big brothers and sisters.
  • A notepad or journal and pen or pencil. Track your baby's feeding sessions, write down questions you have for the nurse/doctor, note what the paediatrician tells you, jot down memories of your baby's first day and so on. Some people bring a baby book so they can record the birth details right away.
  • A going-home outfit. Bring something roomy and easy to get into (believe it or not, you'll probably still look 5 or 6 months pregnant) and a pair of flat, comfortable shoes or slippers

List of things you need for a new-born baby

  • The hospital gives your baby a kit with soap, a japla, cap, gloves, socks and a blanket
  • A going-home outfit. Your baby will need an outfit to go home in, including socks or booties if the clothing doesn't have feet, and a soft cap if the air is likely to be cool.
  • A receiving blanket. The hospital will provide blankets for swaddling your baby while you are there and to take home, but you may want to bring your own to tuck around your baby as an addition. Make it a heavy one if the weather's cold.

Things You Don't Need to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

  • Jewellery
  • Lots of cash or other valuables
  • Medications. Let your doctor know whether you are on any medications. The hospital will provide them for you if your doctor agrees that you should continue to take them while you're there.
  • Diapers. The hospital will provide diapers for your baby while you're there.

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