Urinary Tract Infection

Urinary Tracts: Urethra, Kidneys & Bladder Infections 
A major health issue faced by many is urinary tract infections.

What is the Urinary Tract & Urinary Tract Infection?
The urinary tract is the system that includes the bladder, kidneys and the tubes connecting these and the urethra which connects the bladder to the outside. The main function of this system is to ensure that urine is made and exits our body. When the infection affects the lower part of the urinary tract - the bladder and urethra it is called lower urinary tract infection. When it affects the upper part like the kidneys or the ureter it is called pyelonephritis.

Women are more likely to get infected by a urinary tract infection because they have shorter urethras,

Other factors that make you more probable to getting an infection in the urinary tract includes: dehydration, kidney stones, pregnancy, diabetes and unhygienic conditions.

Symptoms of lower urinary tract infection include painful urination, increased frequency of urination or urgency to urinate. While the symptoms of pyelonephritis include flank pain and fever, in addition to lower urinary tract symptoms.

A urine examination including a culture and sensitivity will usually be advised to find out which antibiotic the germs are sensitive to.

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