Tips for Second Trimester of Pregnancy Pregnancy Symptoms: Backache, Weight Gain & Stretch Marks

While your body gets adjusted to the hormonal changes and your baby continues to grow, there are a lot of changes that will come about. This is the best period of the pregnancy as nausea and vomiting would have subsided and you are not yet big enough to feel uncomfortable. You are now getting into the second trimester of pregnancy, is the period between 14-27 weeks

Pregnancy Tips for Second Trimester Symptoms
As the baby pushes against your diaphragm it causes discomfort and you may find it difficult to sleep horizontally in comfort.

Backaches & Weight Gain: By the second trimester you will show significant weight gain. The increase in weight and size can cause backache. If your backaches are keeping you up in the night, switch your sleeping position. It will be most comfortable to sleep on your side and prop pillows between your legs.

Heartburn, indigestion and flatulence: As the baby grows it pushes your internal organs to one side causing some discomfort and pain like sensation. Heart burn, indigestion and flatulence increases. Have plenty of fluids.

Breast soreness: Breast soreness will now become more. So start your breast care. Apply moisturizer or oil to the nipples and gently draw it out

Stretch Marks: It is important to moisturize your stretch marks so that they don’t itch.

Nutrition & Exercise: While it is normal for weight gain to be at its peak in this trimester, ensure you are packing on those kilos in a healthy manner. Consult your doctor for necessary vitamins, minerals and food to include in your diet. Exercising daily can help ease symptoms like bloating, avoid unhealthy weight gain and is great for your baby’s growth.

Get Planning: Start planning for the birth of the baby and changes you will need to gat a nursery ready. Columbia Asia Hospitals conduct Mother craft programmes for couples and one of the topics discussed will be on preparation for receiving the newborn to your home. 

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