Tips for Senior Citizens to be Mentally Active

July 12, 2019

Most people as they age often feel they have lost their “sharpness” or mental acumen. This is called cognitive decline, which is part of the aging process. But when this happens rapidly and affects daily life it is usually indicative of a more serious condition like dementia.

Tips for Senior Citizens to stay mentally active

Here are some healthy tips that helps to keep brain healthy and active, prevent cognitive decline, dementia, and reduce the risk for several diseases.

  • Make healthy choices in having a nutritious diet
  • Eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains along with leafy green vegetables which protect brain functions
  • Maintain a healthy weight as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol increase your risk for dementia
  • Avoid saturated fats like whole dairy products and red meat as these increase risk of strokes and dementia. Use olive or canola oil, grill or roast food instead of fried food, choose fish or poultry and low fat or nonfat dairy products.
  • Have adequate omega 3 fatty acids found in tuna, sardines at least once or twice a week. Vegetarians should eat green leafy vegetables and milk
  • Your doctor may advise you to check your levels of B12, Vitamin D and calcium and prescribe these supplements along with folic acid
  • One should stay physically active to maintain good blood flow to the brain
  • Social interactions or volunteer work will keep one's brain active
  • Reading, doing cross word puzzles and memory games keep the brain active

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