Stages of labour and childbirth

As you get closer to the week 40 mark, you should start preparing yourself for labor symptoms as this indicates your baby is ready to be delivered. Throughout your pregnancy your body goes through changes in preparation for the delivery of your baby. Hormonally and physically, there are a lot of changes including, breast growth, weight gain, and fetal development amongst others.

In your third trimester, in about week 37 of your pregnancy, you will start experiencing symptoms of labor. This means that the labor pain and delivery of your baby are right around the corner. In most cases, this process and its symptoms differs for every pregnancy, regardless of whether you’ve given birth before or not. Delivering your baby at a good maternity hospital in Delhi such as Columbia Asia would be ideal.

When to go to the hospital for labor?

  • Bright red vaginal bleeding
  • Continuous leaking of fluid or wetness or if water breaks
  • Strong labor contractions every five minutes for an hour
  • A noticeable change in the baby’s movements or if you feel less than 10 movements in two hours or less
  • Decreased or absent movements

Stages of Labor: Labor Pain, Contractions & Symptoms

When you go through the last few days leading up to childbirth you will go through three stages of labor. Each of the stages of labor mark a new development in the delivery process. Columbia Asia’s team of doctors and nurses make it, without a doubt, the best hospital for delivery in Delhi.

Stage One: This stage of labor is further broken down into three parts: early, active & transition labor. Early stage one brings on labor pain of contractions and symptoms can last between a few hours to a few days. In the active stage, contractions and labor pain are more intense. In the transition stage, your baby is ready to be delivered and your cervix opens.

Stage Two: Dilation of cervix for baby delivery through birth canal. The duration is approximately 2 hours

Stage Three: From delivery of the baby till placenta is expelled for delivery of placenta.

Post Stages of Labor & Baby Delivery

You’re over the stages of labor pain, contractions and symptoms leading up to childbirth. And now you have your beautiful newborn in your arms. So what happens post-delivery? Just as your body had prepared itself for labor and delivery symptoms, it will now change to revert pregnancy changes. On average, women take about 3 months post baby delivery to get their energy back and heal completely. While certain pregnancy symptoms like constipation and heartburn, decrease with ease, you may deal with issues of fatigue or hemorrhoids post pregnancy as well.

Ease into your daily routine, especially the active chores. It’s important you pay attention to your health and your baby’s for the first month and a half after pregnancy. Consult the best doctor on what you can do over time and how much physical strain you put on yourself. If you had a complicated labor or delivery, you may have to be more careful. Causes for concern post-delivery would be excessive bleeding, trouble breathing, calf pain and postpartum depression. If you experience one or more of these symptoms, contact your doctor immediately.

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