Prevention of Cancer: Health Tips

Prevent Cancers by Daily Healthy Habits
With every passing decade advances in medical technology helps early diagnosis and cures for the various cancers in humans. However, there are healthy habits you can inculcate on a daily basis to prevent some types of the cancers.

Some of these medical and health tips for prevention of cancer include: 
  • Avoid smoking or use of tobacco in any form. Tobacco smoking or chewing increases the chances of cancer.
  • Be sure to follow a healthy diet regularly. Fill your diet with cancer preventing food to build your immunity.
  • Have safe sex and use condoms for protection.
  • Keep a regular check on your weight gain or loss. Simultaneously be active on a daily basis.
  • Find a form of exercise you enjoy and do it regularly.
  • If there is a family history of cancer, be sure to get yourself checked regularly. Also take precautions based on the types of cancer.

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