Preventing Miscarraige

Spontaneous abortions also known as miscarriage, is a term used for a pregnancy that ends on its own, within the first 20 weeks of gestation.

Why do miscarriages occur ?
In a larger number of cases the reason for abortion is not known. In the first trimester, the most common cause of miscarriage is chromosomal abnormality in the baby, which occurs due to a damaged egg or sperm or a zygote. Also the other reasons for miscarriage are:
  • Hormonal problems, infections or maternal health problems
  • Lifestyle causes like smoking, drug use, malnutrition, exposure to radiation
  • Maternal age: too young or too old mothers. With increasing age the chances of miscarriage increases
  • Maternal trauma: any direct injury to the abdomen of the mother
  • Improper implantation of the zygote in the uterus
  • Previous miscarriages carry with it the risk of increased chances of aborting again
Warning signs of miscarriage
If at any stage of pregnancy you experience any of the following warning signs, immediately consult your Obstetrician.
  • Mild to severe back pain or cramps
  • Weight loss instead of gain
  • Blood tinged mucus
  • True contractions every 5-20 minutes
  • Brown or bright red bleeding with or without cramps
  • Clot like pieces passing out of the vagina
Prevention of miscarriage
Steps to prevent miscarriage before conception
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Manage stress
  • Keep weight within normal limits
  • Take folic acid 3 months before you plan a pregnancy
  • Avoid smoking 
Steps to prevent miscarriage after conception
  • Prevention may not be possible if the cause is due to chromosomal abnormality
  • Do not smoke or be around smokers
  • Do not consume alcohol
  • Do not take any medicines without consulting your doctor, even the ones you usually take for other chronic ailments like asthma, diabetes, etc.
  • Avoid excessive caffeine
  • If you are working in a radiology department, inform your management of your pregnancy so that you will be given a different job away from the radiation site
  • Avoid going to crowded places as you will contract infections, which again is harmful to the foetus
  • Avoid injury. Simple measures like wearing flat healed footwear can help you prevent loss of balance

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