Prenatal, Fetal Monitoring & Maternal Care

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Maternity normally kicks off with signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Some mothers experience various symptoms of pregnancy, while others sail through the initial stages of pregnancy without experiencing a noticeable difference. There are various ways to track and confirm pregnancy. One should be vigilant to keep a track of pregnancy and periodic checkup as advised by the doctor, to avoid needless complications and identification of high risk. Early risk identification means it can be managed so that at the end of the nine plus months, you have a healthy mother and baby.

It is important to take a note of pregnancy signs. Once pregnancy is confirmed, fetal monitoring becomes essential. One needs to take care of the fetus and keep a track of the various developmental stages of the fetus. Fetal monitoring can ensuring both mother and baby are doing well during pregnancy.

Early Signs & Symptoms of Pregnancy
A number of signs and symptoms are experienced by the mother in early pregnancy:
  • Changes in Breast: Enlargement of the breasts and pain can occur, a week after conception, when the ovum is fertilized. Distinct changes such as dark rings around the nipples, darkening of the nipples etc, might occur.
  • Vomiting and Nausea: Fluctuating mood with vomiting and nausea is common in early pregnancy. As the vomiting and nausea subside within the first three months, the mother to be starts to have craving for different types of food. The feeling of fullness and uneasiness remain predominant during this phase.
  • Fatigue: Tiredness or fatigue is a common symptom. It is an expected symptom as a part of the body's natural tendency to feed the fetus. Once a person starts to experience consistent fatigue, maternity or pregnancy can be a reason and hence, one should get it confirmed. Proper prenatal care is important in such cases.
  • Pregnancy Discomforts: There can be a plenty of discomfort in the ante natal period, which includes frequent urination, headache, dizziness, backache, cramps, excessive salivation, food cravings, and elevated body temperature. Proper maternal care is essential during the antenatal phase.
Benefits of Maternal Care i
Protection and safeguarding maternal health is essential not only to ensure the safety of the mother, but that of the child as well. It is important to monitor the antenatal phase of the woman as many complications can arise during pregnancy. A good way to ensure child safety is fetal monitoring. A number of physiological changes occur in women, during this phase. Therefore, maternal care helps them to overcome such changes, both psychologically and physiologically

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