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Second Innings is an initiative on Organ Donation, to create awareness and educate people to understand the importance and significance of pledging their organs. The Second Innings will urge people, along with their families, to donate their organs and help save lives even after they are long gone. The initiative helps to understand that we have one life, and we should make it very useful and help people even after we are not around. It is a definite way to save lives of loved ones, ours and others. Pledging to donate our organs and educating our families on the decision is much needed in India today and Second Innings aims at bringing this awareness to the common man. Second Innings aims to significantly increase contribution for Organ Donation.

By being an organ donor, you can make a difference to up to 50 lives! Donating an organ after death is more than just the physical act of giving a part of your body that is of no use to you anymore. It is about celebrating your life! It shows that you value your life and you want it to continue. Many of us believe that we should make ourselves useful and help people who are less fortunate than us. Organ donation gives you the opportunity to be of use and help people even after we are not around anymore. Organ donation is a very noble deed, indeed!

  • Less than 1 in a million people in India donate their organs.
  • Since 2005, 3 million people have died in India because of non-availability of organs.
  • In India every year, 150,000 people await a kidney transplant.
  • 2 lakh people die of liver diseases and 50,000 of heart diseases. 10 lakh people suffer from Corneal blindness and await transplant.
  • In India, 140,000 people are involved in road accidents every year. Of these 67% suffer head injuries and possibly end up brain dead i.e. almost 93,000 people are brain dead every year and can donate their organs.
  • A single donor can save seven lives by organ donation and enhance up to 50 lives by tissue donation. Pledge your organs today!
Organ donation is when healthy organs and tissues are transplanted from one person for transplantation into another, in order to replace the diseased or non-functioning organs either to improve or save someone's life.

The Central Government of India passed the Transplant of Human Organs Act, 1994. The act regulates the identification, retrieval, storage, transportation and transplantation of human organs in our country. It also accepts "Brain Death" as "Death".

Organ donations are not constrained by age limit. All adults and minors with consent of parents or legal guardians, regardless of age, race or gender can pledge to become an organ donor. The youngest donor in India so far has been 16 months old baby girl. 82 year old lady is the oldest donor in India

Organ donation can take place in 2 situations.
  1. Live donation: This occurs when a person donates their kidney and I or part of th eir live whi 1st they are still alive. According to Indian Law only immediate related and unrelated members can donate. All live donations have to be authorized by the Appropriate Committee appointed by the Government.
  2. Deceased organ donation: This takes place after death.
    1. Brain death -In the case of brain death the person is on a life support system. Once the doctors run tests and declare a person brain dead, the family has to give consent for organ donation . All organs can be donated in the case of brain death . Brain death is the irreversible end of all brain activity and is medically and legally recognized as death.
    2. Natural death I cardiac arrest- In the case of natural death only tissues such as eyes, heart valves, skin etc. can be donated. The family would have to contact the nearest eye bank within 6 hours of death for eye donation.
Organs/Tissues that can be donated after brain death: * Heart * Liver* Kidney* Pancreas * Lungs *Eyes * Skin* Bone* Bone marrow* Heart valves* Eardrum

We have tied up with an NGO called Gift Your Organ, please visit their website and pledge your organs.

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