Orthopedics: Knee Replacement Surgery, Joint Pain & Injuries

Orthopedics: Knee Replacement Surgery, Joint Pain & Injuries

Know More about Orthopaedic Surgeons
Orthopedics can be defined as a branch of surgery that deals with the study of musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system is an organ system that enables humans and many animal species to move. In a nutshell, we can relate bones, nerves, joints tendons, ligaments to the musculoskeletal system. 

Today there are a large number of specialisations under orthopedics with include treatment of arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatology, spine surgery, hip injuries & replacement, and shoulder injuries & replacement, etc.

When to consult an Orthopedic Surgeon
Orthopedic surgery plays an important role in providing relief to patients suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. It is important to know when to consult an Orthopedician.  If you have an injury to a bone, joint, tendon or ligament, consider visiting an orthopedic surgeon.

If one has chronic joint pain that hinders routine activity, it is imperative to visit an orthopedic surgeon. There are a number of injuries, conditions and diseases that are treated by orthopedic specialists. These include: arthritis, tennis elbow, cerebral palsy, bone spurs, frozen shoulder, tendon dysfunction, hammer toe, claw toe etc.

Causes of Musculoskeletal Disorders
Most of the musculoskeletal disorders are associated with lifestyle and activities that are repeated using a particular joint. Various activities can cause wear and tear of your body in course of time. It could be sports, work, sitting for long hours in front of your computer, poor posture or lack of stretching. Once you have developed a musculoskeletal disorder, a visit to an orthopedic doctor is essential.

Symptoms of musculoskeletal disorders affect your day to day life. In some cases, walking and bending of knees can become difficult. While in other cases there can be severe back pain, shoulder pain, etc. Common musculoskeletal disorder symptoms are: stiffness and joint pain, recurring pain, swelling of joints and other affected areas, dull aches etc. If you experience such symptoms visit an orthopedic doctor.

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