Kidney Transplant: Cadaveric & Living Donors Kidney Problems & Renal Failure

A kidney transplant or renal transplantation is done when the kidneys gets completely damaged. The kidney transplant is from a living donor or it can be cadaveric, i.e. from a deceased organ donor. It is generally preferred that close relatives or siblings become the donor as the acceptance level of the body is high in such cases. On the other hand, unrelated donors who make a good match can donate if required. When a kidney is taken from a living donor, it is known as live kidney transplant. These donors can live a healthy life with the remaining kidney.  

There can be various reasons for a kidney transplant. It is recommended to people with end stage kidney failure. A patient receiving a renal transplantation has to be prepared in many aspects before the surgical procedure. During the kidney transplant procedure, the organ is implanted in the lower abdomen of the patient. When renal failure reaches a certain level of dysfunction the patient requires dialysis or kidney transplant.

What happens before a renal transplant
Various blood tests, stool examination, x-rays, ultrasound tests will be carried out on both the donor and recipient to ensure compatibility and fitness. A multispecialty consultation with a psychiatrist, cardiologist, endocrinologist etc. is done.

Risks of the Kidney Transplant Procedure
With any surgical procedure, there is a certain amount of risk and complications involved.
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Hernia in the scar
  • Leakage or block to the flow of urine
  • Rejection of the  new kidney
One of the biggest risks of renal transplantation is the rejection of the organ. Our body is bound to fight against any foreign organs and the body’s immune system might attack the new kidney. When a new kidney is placed inside the body, the patient is given immunosuppressants. The immunosuppressant helps in the acceptance of the new organ in the body.

Transplant patients need to be extremely careful of not getting exposed to infections. There are several medications that help prevent rejection of new organs but they have side effects as well. Columbia Asia Hospital, India provides excellent facilities and services for kidney transplant surgery. You can call us at our helpdesk for an appointment with our doctors and surgeons. We have branches across all major cities of India, which includes Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and other cities.

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