Importance of staying hydrated in the summer

May 10, 2019

During summer, it is of utmost importance to keep a check on our food habits and drink at least two litres of water to stay healthy and fit and a proper diet plan during this season is also very important, said Dr. Satish Kumar M G Consultant Internal Medicine, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru.

The advent of summer brings with it little packets of joys like mangoes, litchis, swimming and of course, vacation. But in a tropical country like ours, summer’s torrid and sweltering and comes with its entourage of ailments. In this season of extreme heat, it is of utmost importance that we know how to keep ourselves fit and beat the heat.

Dr. Satish Kumar M G said, "In the bid to beat the heat, we often find ourselves indulging in unrestrained consumption of aerated drinks and ice creams, and at other instances, we find ourselves all drained and dehydrated. Thus it becomes imperative for us to walk the extra mile to take better care of our health during this sultry season. Summers are often the time for travel and holidays since schools and colleges are closed for yearly vacation. Hence, it is crucial that while going out in the sun, we take the proper protection- wearing light-coloured cotton clothes that don’t stick to the body and a hat, using a sunscreen lotion to save the skin from the scathing sunrays, wearing a pair of polarised sunglasses and most importantly keeping yourself hydrated. Intake of fresh fruit juices or lime juice are advised which also keeps our bodies hydrated and are tasty as well."

Continuing further, he said, "Summer months often witness an array of gastrointestinal ailments caused due to food poisoning. Now, who doesn’t dread getting hit by an awful bout of diarrhoea or worse still dysentery? So it is of utmost importance to keep a check on our food habits and drink at least two litres of water to stay healthy and fit. Doctors recommend that we maintain a proper diet-plan during the summer months. Bid adieu to junk food, red meat and other spicy food as the excess fat in these heat up the body and can also result in inflammation of stomach, acidity and sleeplessness. Also, beverages such as tea and coffee should be avoided as much as possible and foods like mango, watermelon and cucumber should find a place on the plate. Summertime demands eating light and staying hydrated to stay healthy. Again microbes tend to multiply faster in summer because of heat and humidity, making us vulnerable to food poisoning. Food, if not refrigerated and stored properly, might become the breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. So we need to be extra careful with our food habits in summer. Also, we should not forget to wash our hands before every meal or snack to keep diarrhoea and dysentery at bay."

This year too, summer comes adding to our woes, but now we know that we can beat the heat by keeping ourselves hydrated and eating healthy.


Dr. Satish Kumar M G (Consultant – Internal Medicine)

Columbia Asia Hospital - Mysuru

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