How to register newborn for birth certificate?

Why do you need a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is an important document required to obtain a gamut of services.

It establishes the date and time of birth, which is needed to obtain admission to school, get a passport, voters ID, driving license, a job, claim the right to marry at a legally permissible age, property rights, etc.

It is mandatory under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act-1969, to register births within 21 days. Those born after 26th January 1989 should have a birth certificate issued by the Municipal authority, Tahsildar or office of registrar of births and deaths.

What should a parent do?

At the time of registering for an antenatal check-up, one should be careful to give the correct name and check the spelling of both the parents’ name.

If you have come to the hospital for the first time in labour, the person accompanying the pregnant woman in labour should ensure correctness as the mother will be in pain, after the birth of the baby, a birth note is given to the parents to fill.

Take care to double check the following important parameters:

  • Mothers name including surname/initials
  • Fathers name including surname/initials
  • Sex of the baby
  • Date of birth
  • Time of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Permanent address of the parents

How to register newborn for birth certificate?

If you have decided on a name for the baby, you can enter it now. Otherwise you will have to get the name included at a later date. The form is signed by the parents and the doctor. Thereafter, the birth information is sent to the jurisdictional sub-registrar or tahsildar’s office as the case may be, by the hospital authority, in Form No: 1

At the Municipal or Tahsildar’s office:

Step 1: Buy an application form, which is to request the designated authority to issue your baby’s birth certificate.

Step 2: The applicant can be either of the parent, who declares the birth date and place with signature. The completed application form along with the hospital birth note is to be submitted to the authority along with the fee prescribed (varies from state to state) and the number of copies you require.

Step 3: The concerned office will verify your application with the record sent by the hospital and issue the birth certificate.

Inclusion of name of the baby at a later date

The parents have to approach the jurisdictional office, which issued the original birth certificate, with a request to include the name. The original birth certificate, completed name inclusion form and fee prescribed has to be submitted along with this application. The new birth certificate will be issued by the sub registrar or tahsildar.

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