Heart Healthy Diet & Snacks

Tips for a Healthy Heart: Prevent Heart Disease
Having a healthy heart is a lifestyle choice and starts with your kitchen and cooking. Are you ensuring you are consuming a heart healthy diet? It is hard at times to know what is required for the health of your heart and what isn’t. Here are a few snacks to include in your daily diet to help prevent heart disease.

Virgin Olive Oil
Due to the presence of antioxidants known as polyphenols, virgin olive oil is essential for a heart healthy diet. The antioxidants help in protecting your blood vessels. In addition, virgin olive oil is better for your cholesterol than other saturated fats as part of your diet.

Reduce your bad cholesterol if eaten in limited amounts daily. Walnuts also prevent your arteries from getting lined with fatty deposits.

Yummy and  easily available, this fruit is packed with goodness to help prevent heart disease. Oranges have two elements that help them be heart healthy: fiber pectin and potassium. Fiber pectin helps cut down the cholesterol levels. While potassium controls blood pressure. You can even substitute the fruit with fresh orange juice to get the heart healthy benefits.

Carrots aid mostly in minimizing occurrence of diabetes and help control blood sugar levels. In addition, they also have fibers that can stabilize cholesterol levels. So go on, dip this yummy veggie in some hummus or add it to your salad as part of your heart healthy diet.

Low-Fat Yogurt
Surprised? This delicious snack does more than you realize for your health. Due to the calcium and potassium present in low-fat yogurt, it helps in lowering blood pressure. Always ensure you check to make sure the yogurt you are purchasing isn’t high in sugar levels.

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