Heart Attack Causes: Coronary Heart Disease, Blood Clots & Artery Spasms

What is Heart Attack?
Heart attacks are a huge health concern faced by people of all age groups. Once considered an age related issue, heart attacks are now seen even in the younger age groups.

What is Heart Attack?
The scientific name for a heart attack is known as myocardial infraction (MI). Myo is muscle, cardial is of the heart and infarction is tissue death. Heart attacks cause permanent damage to the heart muscles because of the lack of blood supply to a particular part. 

Causes of Heart Attack
The heart muscle requires continuous supply of fresh oxygenated blood flow through the coronary arteries to function properly. However, if you have narrowed arteries due to build-up of plaque the flow gets restricted. Depending on the area supplied by the coronary artery the symptoms and seriousness differ.

When plaque collects in the arteries, it can end up rupturing and cause blood clots to form. These blood clots further block the flow of oxygenated blood to the heart muscles. With time, this build up gets worse and prevents the flow to a point where the heart muscles are unable to get the necessary oxygenated blood.

Another rare cause of heart attacks is coronary artery spasms. The spasms cause a restricted blood flow, which can then lead to heart attacks. This though is much less common.

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