Covid-19 Prescribed Fitness Training Regimen

February 02, 2021

The pandemic that started in 2019, consumed our entire 2020 and that is still ongoing has forced us to change the way we do everything. It has uprooted our lives in a way we never imagined. We were all forced out of our offices, the homes of our family, friends and loved ones and were made to live in isolation for well over a year now and we’ve had to learn to redo or do everything ourselves right from cooking, cleaning, working, and working out.

People living with mild to severe comorbidities, who require physiotherapy on a daily, weekly basis, started finding it difficult to manage at home. Not being able to visit their physical therapists would stand in the way of performing their daily routines and activities. Then there was the other group of people – the millennials – those who can’t get through their day or week without burning a sweat at the gym. Many of us love the gym and are maybe even used to a personal trainer to help us reach our fitness goals every day. So, with the pandemic raging, physical therapists started online Covid-19 exercise programs and prescriptions to their loyal customers and patients who needed that intense physical exercise daily.

Recently several Governments have allowed partial reopening of gyms, while maintaining strict Government mandated protocols in place. These included compulsory wearing of a mask with the face shield, social distancing and frequent handwashing. The gyms equipment had to be sanitized thoroughly before and after each use, all equipment had to be thoroughly wiped down with appropriate sanitizer for their own safety and for the safety of the next equipment user. Gyms should follow distancing between users strictly. Cross ventilation is encouraged.

Some other Covid-19 prescribed fitness training regimen include

  • Those newly starting exercise should practice these exercises at least three days a week and those who regularly exercise, should do so at least five days a week.
  • Resistance exercise days should be scheduled to be between aerobic exercise days.
  • Care should be taken about the intensity of exercises; excessively tiring and anaerobic workouts should be avoided.
  • Those newly starting exercise should increase first the frequency, then the duration, and then the intensity of the exercise in time.

WHO also released exercise protocols or exercise programs for those who can train in the open air and have the equipment for strength exercises at home. Covid-19 guidelines for personal trainers were also prescribed and are being strictly followed in all gyms so that the public could resume their normal physical routines and activities. A lot of people cannot for many reasons workout at home and reopening gyms, physiotherapy centers and similar places were of the essence – for the sake of people’s physical as well as mental health.

In fact, physical activity and Covid-19 go hand in hand. How you ask? That’s simple. The more physical activity you do, the better your immunity will be thus helping your body fight this contagious virus from entering and destroying your body.

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