Chronic Liver Diseases: Hepatitis B & Cirrhosis Symptoms

Alcoholic Liver Disease Treatment
There is a lack of awareness among people about various chronic liver diseases such as fatty liver, cirrhosis, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. If proper steps are taken to eradicate such diseases, it can lead to the well being of thousands across India. Cirrhosis and fibrosis are attributed as the leading causes of liver diseases. Fibrosis can be explained as a growth of tissues in the liver due to infection, injury or inflammation. Such overgrowth is possible in all organs in the body but when it happens to the liver, it stops its regular functioning.

The general view is that these diseases are something that is an outcome of long-term practices and is mostly self-induced. Death from liver diseases is preventable if proper precautions are taken.

There are several risk factors involved and hereditary diseases can pass on from generation to generation. One of the best examples of hereditary diseases is Wilson's disease. Alcoholic liver disease is caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Known to be one of the leading causes for chronic liver disease, alcoholic liver disease can be fatal. Hepatitis B and fatty liver plays a major role in harming the liver as well. In addition, smoking, diabetes, obesity and cholesterol affect the liver to a great extent. Continue reading the article to know more about the symptoms and treatment of chronic liver diseases.

Chronic Liver Diseases Symptoms & Treatment
Several conditions can be attributed to the symptoms of chronic liver diseases. The most common among them is nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, jaundice, fatigue and weakness. Chronic liver diseases like cirrhosis and fibrosis have different symptoms. These include: abnormal nerve function, vomiting blood, hair loss, muscle loss, loss of appetite, redness of palms and hypertension.

Several methods are used for the diagnosis and treatment of such liver related diseases. Among them, the most common is liver biopsy. A sample of liver tissue is taken and examined under the laboratory in this method. Various other methods such as CT-Scan, ultrasound and liver function tests are used for the diagnosis of such diseases.

A number of factors affect the treatment procedure of chronic liver diseases. Vitamin supplementation, proper nutritional food and avoidance of toxins are some methods used to treat chronic diseases such as cirrhosis. Keeping a check on alcohol intake will also prevent alcoholic liver disease. There are several treatments available and we recommend you consult with doctors before making any decision. At Columbia Asia Hospital, we connect you to the best medical advisors for treatment of chronic liver diseases. We have various branches of hospitals across India. To know more about the services and facilities provided, you can call at our helpdesk service.

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