Causes of Obesity in Children: Healthy Food for Kids Childhood Obesity & How to Lose Weight?

Obesity in children is a serious medical condition affecting children and adolescents. When a child is above the weight for his or her age and height, then it is called obesity. Childhood obesity and metabolic syndrome has increased alarmingly in the past 30 years and a range of factors are responsible. Obesity in parents, consumption of fast food and engagement in sedentary activities like playing computer games, etc. are be among the numerous causes of obesity in children. About 70% of the urban population is moving towards obesity in India and the same is reflected in obesity in children. Amidst all such shortcomings, the biggest question among children and grownups happen to be, "How to lose weight fast?"

Obesity in children effects their health and well-being. Social and physiological problems such as depression and poor self-esteem are apparent amongst such children. Obese children are vulnerable to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes. Obese children are likely to be obese as adults, making it a prolonged health hazard. However, healthy eating and physical activities could mitigate this emerging problem. If you feel that your children are crossing the red-line of "obesity", contact our health experts and consultants at Columbia Asia Hospital to know more about how to lose this extra weight.

Causes of Obesity in Children
Lifestyle issues are the key reasons for obesity in children. Too little activity and too much junk food and aerated drinks are the prime cause identified for childhood obesity. Genetic and hormonal factors play a role in some instances.
  • Diet: regularly eating high calorie food such as fast food, baked and fried food, soft drinks, candy and dessert can lead to an increase in weight.
  • Lack of exercise: Most schools do not have play grounds as there is a space crunch in urban areas. Leisure activities are watching TV, playing video games and no form of exercise compounds the problem.
  • Family history: of obesity is a risk factor to developing childhood obesity.
  • Psychological factors: Some children eat to cope with stress, boredom or emotions
  • Family factors: The type of food purchased is important. If the family purchases items that increase weight, the child will definitely be overweight
Metabolic Syndrome  & Ways to Overcome Obesity in Children
Our body is designed in a way that it performs the way we train it. We use it in all possible ways to fulfill our day-to-day needs. What most of us forget is that just like any other machine; our body too, needs maintenance to perform. Most children are told to exercise for weight loss and healthy metabolic syndrome. Most certainly, children grow up with the subconscious awareness that exercise with healthy food for kids is the best way to remain fit. Despite such awareness, childhood obesity are on the rise

Do you want to know how to lose that extra weight and maintain your metabolic syndrome? There can be various ways to tackle such problems. Given below are a few points:
  • Parents should strive hard to ensure healthy food for kids. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Having healthy food enables a kid to increase/metabolic rate (BMR). The higher the body metabolic rate, the better is the person's ability to break down fats and lead a healthy life.
  • Parents should encourage healthy food for children and healthy eating habits. Plenty of vegetables and whole-grain food should be incorporated in their diet. The family should be encouraged to drink lots of water.
  • Try to keep your children physically active. Instead of giving them an X-box game, give them a football or a badminton racquet. This will encourage them to play physical games, which is good for their growth both mentally and physically.
If you feel that your children are falling prey to obesity, make sure that you take the right actions at the right time. We have a team of health experts for children at Columbia Asia Hospital who could guide you based on your children's needs. We have various branches across India in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore, Mysore, Gurugram, Ghaziabad, Pune and Patiala