Integrated Digestive and Liver Cancer Care Seminar On Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Session: 1

  • Epidemiology and Natural history of IBD
  • Pathology and Immunological aberrations in IBD
  • Histology in IBD
  • Endoscopy in IBD diagnosis
  • Imaging in IBD diagnosis
  • Extraintestinal Manifestations - should we be concerned?


Session: 2

  • Role of 5ASA in UC
  • Immunomodulators in UC - role and monitoring
  • Biologicals and Biosimilars in UC
  • Acute Severe Colitis - Diagnosis and Management
  • Failing medical management – options
  • Surgery in UC
  • Pouch problems and Management
  • Case Capsule: UC


Session: 3

  • 5ASA in Crohn’s - does it work?
  • Immunomodulators in CD - role and monitoring
  • Biologicals and Biosimilars in CD
  • Perianal crohn’s and complex fistulae
  • Surgery in Crohn’s disease
  • Post-operative follow up and surveillance


Session 4:

  • IBD in Children - is it different?
  • Nutrition in IBD - facts and fads
  • Management of Parastomal Hernias
  • IBD and Malignancy
  • Intestinal dysbiosis and role of FMT in IBD
  • IBD Panel discussion: Controversies and take home messages


Place: Four Seasons Hotel, Bangalore

Time: 8AM to 5PM

RSVP: +91 98865 88088

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