Doctor Videos

Dr. Mohan Kumar from CAH – Sarjapur Road talks on the effects of Hypertension on your Heart

In India, 25% of all adults suffer from hypertension. What contributes that maximum towards it? Is it what we eat or our sleeping habits?

Department of ENT | Dr. Jyothirmay S Hegde, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Whitefield

Dr. Jyothirmay S Hegde explains in detail about the ENT surgeries and treatment procedures that Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield caters to in children and adults.

Dr Sunil explains Vascular Surgery, angioplasty and application of stents

Dr. Sunil Joshi, Sr Consultant - Vascular Surgery at Columbia Asia Hospital - Sarjapur Road talks about Vascular Surgery, Angioplasty, and application of stents.

How is Bladder Cancer treated and What is TURBT?

Dr. Mahohar T, Consultant Urologist at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Whitefield explains how bladder cancer can be treated and the TURBT procedure.

What is Prostate Cancer & its diagnosis? Dr Manohar T, Columbia Asia Hospitals

Dr. Mahohar T, Consultant Urologist at Columbia Asia Hospitals, Whitefield explains about prostrate cancer - what it is and how it is diagnosed.

Dr. Govind talks about the Misconceptions with Anal Bleeding| IDLCC 2019

Dr. Govind Nandakumar, Chief of GastroIntestinal, HPB...

Male Infertility and Management | Dr Dinesh from Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore

Join us for #ColumbiaConversations on Male Infertility and Management Our expert Dr. Dinesh, Consultant - Urology and Andrology from Columbia Asia Hospital – Mysore, helps us to understand the Symptom...

Dr. Sunil Joshi talks about "Ballooning of the arteries" | Aortic Aneurysm

Dr. Sunil Joshi, Consultant, Sr. Consultant - Vascular Surgery talks about aortic aneurysm and how it leads to hypertension and can be fatal.

Dr. Govind emphasizes on maintaining the Ideal Gastrointestinal Health | IDLCC 2019

Dr. Govind Nandakumar, Chief of Gastrointestinal, HPB and Colorectal Surgery at Columbia Asia Hospitals all branches talks about how to maintain ideal gastrointestinal health - following a good diet (...