Doctor Videos

Role of Enterostomal therapist | IDLCC 2019

Dr. Govind Nandakumar explains the role and the importance of Enterostomal therapist in the IDLCC Program.

Pancreatitis Explained by Dr. Vidyasagar | IDLCC 2019

Dr. Vidyasagar, Consultant Pancreatitis is not a very common condition but in the recent past, there has been an alarming rise in the cases of Pancreatitis.

Emergency Department by Dr. Firoz

Dr. Firoz Torgal, Consultant - Emergency Medicine talks about the various services available and how it complies with international benchmarks for emergency services.

Talk on Neurosurgery and Endovascular Neuro Intervention by Dr. Tejus Rao

Dr. Tejus Rao talks about the facilities available at Neurosurgery and Endovascular Neuro Intervention Department at Columbia Asia Hospital - Whitefield.

Dr. Mohan Kumar from CAH – Sarjapur Road talks on the effects of Hypertension on your Heart

In India, 25% of all adults suffer from hypertension. What contributes that maximum towards it? Is it what we eat or our sleeping habits?

Dr. Joseph Xavier from CAH - Sarjapur Road answers the queries on Blocked Arteries

Dr. Joseph Xavier, Senior Consultant and Head of Cardio-Thoracic...

Peadiatric Consultant - Dr. Antony Robert Charles talks on surgery on Kids

When are kids advised to have Surgery? Do newborns require surgery? From identifying the top three reasons for surgery in kids to the recent trends affecting your child’s

Know Heart Attack with Dr. Sunil Kumar, Cardiology Consultant

What is the "attack" in a heart attack? Is it more prevalent for a particular gender? What should a bystander do on a person having a heart attack? What are the treatment options?

Dr. Lorance Peter talks about the most common Gastro problems

Dr. Lorance Peter, Senior Consultant - HOD...