Columbia Kids Offerings

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This programme ensures that all mothers who delivered at Columbia Asia Hospitals remain our happy, satisfied and loyal customers, who trust that we will take care of their kids in sickness and in health. We also are eager to serve and enroll those who have delivered in other hospitals and want to bring their child for pediatric consultation in Columbia Asia Hospital.

On the discharge day parent counseling by the Pediatrician is also done.

Columbia Kids Program offers

  • Care from birth till adulthood
  • Screening for inborn errors of metabolism, hearing and vision
  • Periodic health checks – 12 visits to the pediatrician in the first 24 months after birth, coinciding with immunisation visits. 2 Consultations with Lactation nurse specialist to avoid lactation failure and facilitate/promote breast feeding. One free visit for any illness or concern
  • In addition, for any emergency queries, a mother can contact the nurse via a phone
  • Home visit/phone call - by a trained nurse within 10 days of discharge (Check with the our Customer Care)
  • Immunisation
  • Nutrition and dietary advice – 4 consultations with dietician coinciding with pediatricians visit. At least one visit to be timed with advice on weaning food between 4-6 months
  • Growth and development assessment with growth chart monitoring
  • Curative care
  • Reminders for appointments and help with getting early appointments for consultations and investigations

Benefits of the Program

  • Qualified pediatrician available round the clock
  • Call a doctor service for queries or guidance
  • Personalized guidance by a lactation specialist to help you initiate breast feeding and subsequent weaning
  • Nutrition and dietary advice for your child
  • Growth and development assessment
  • Exclusive discount on vaccines, investigations and pharmacy


  • Vaccines- 5% discount
  • Investigations- 5% discount
  • In patient care- 5% discount
  • Pharmacy- 5% discount

Advantages of enrolment in Columbia Kids

  • Appointments based care for healthy children at periodic intervals
  • Minimum waiting time if you have an appointment and are enrolled in the Columbia Kids
  • Reminders about your child’s immunization and health check and help in fixing appointment
  • Priority appointments in case a Columbia Kid is sick
  • Personal follow up by customer care by phone on each visit for an illness
  • Pediatricians trained, certified and licensed in some of the top institutes in India and abroad care for your children
  • Care protocols and standards according to American Association of Pediatrics and Indian Association of Pediatrics guidelines
  • Personalized and friendly service all through your customer experience provided by well trained staff
  • Kid friendly well equipped play area, while waiting for your appointment
  • Focus on preventive care based on a strong partnership between the parents and the doctor through patient education and patient participation.
  • Invitations to all parent interactive sessions on child care
  • Ample time spent by the doctor with each family based on need
  • Discounts on in-house pharmacy , laboratory and imaging facilities
  • Use of Information Technology to provide the best possible customer experience including permanent, digitized electronic medical records with complete history of each visit from the baby’s birth
  • Offering access to premium and exclusive benefits based on enrolment in Columbia Kids programme