Choosing a Pediatrician

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Every parent will want the best possible health care for their child. Choosing a pediatrician should be done with a great deal of thought and not when an emergency occurs

Tips for Choosing a Pediatrician

  1. Make sure your doctor is qualified and has clinical expertise in treating ailments related to children and adolescents
  2. Your choice of a pediatrician should be based on two qualities: competence and compassion. We, at Columbia Asia Hospitals pride ourselves in the meticulous selection of competent consultants
  3. When you move to a new place, try to get a reference from your old pediatrician, who should also transfer all medical records pertaining to your child
  4. Friends and family members might also recommend a pediatrician.
  5. Clinical competence will ensure your child gets preventive health care as well as excellent care during illness
  6. As your child grows older, he /she should also be talked to and not talked down to by the pediatrician, when discussing issues related to their health. This will ensure better compliance and confidence in your child. You should look for such behaviours also in your search for the right doctor
  7. An adolescent particularly should be able to discuss personal issues with the paediatrician, who over the years would have cultivated a relationship with your child
  8. Is the pediatrician OPD timings suitable to you
  9. Does the doctor communicate clearly, using layman's language (not medical jargon) to explain illnesses and treatment and makes sure all your questions are answered?
  10. When your paediatrician is on leave, is there an equally competent and compassionate stand- in available

How to Choose a Hospital

You should choose a hospital which
  1. has round the clock paediatric services
  2. has multispecialty services
  3. has infrastructure to combat any paediatric emergencies
  4. has clearly defined protocols for clinical and non-clinical care
  5. maintains digital records of the mother and child, so that future follow ups of the baby throughout childhood is available and there is continuity of care
  6. practices evidence based medicine
  7. has intensive care facilities