Doctor Appointment Preparation

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An appointment is usually made with the Dialectologist, Endocrinologist or Physician. You will need to meet other specialists like an Opthalmologist annually. You will meet other specialists based on any associated symptoms. A consultation with the podiatrist, dietician and diabetes educator is a must.
  1. When you make an appointment ask if you need a fasting blood sugar test. If yes, you need to refrain from eating or drinking anything for eight hours. You may have a few sips of water
  2. Write down any symptoms, problems or concerns you may have. Ensure these are addressed when you are with your doctor
  3. Make a list of all allergies you have
  4. Make a list of family members with diabetes, heart attacks or strokes
  5. Write down any major stress you have.
  6. Carry your home blood sugar monitoring results with you
  7. Make a list of medication you are taking including herbal or natural remedies


 Some questions you may want to ask your doctor

  • Are all my symptoms related to diabetes
  • How often do I need to monitor my sugars at home
  • What is my goal range
  • Diet plan
  • Exercise plan
  • How to address hypoglycemia?
  • Periodicity of follow up and tests to be done quarterly, annually etc
  • Special advise on eye and foot care
  • What else can I do to protect my health
  • Any cheaper but equally effective medication options available¬†