Benefits of Bariatric Surgery

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Who are the patients who will benefit from Bariatric surgery?

  • If BMI is > 35 or > 32 .5 with co-morbid conditions
  • Multiple attempts of weight reduction by diet and exercises has failed
  • No treatable underlying endocrine disorder is found
  • No major psychiatric illness is found
  • Patient is committed to post-operative diet and lifestyle modifications

What are the health benefits of bariatric surgery?

  • In Type 2 diabetics sugar levels are known to come down after bariatric surgery and in some cases the medications are no longer needed
  • Relief of sleep apeoa and hence better of quality of sleep
  • Hypertension improves and in some cases medication is no longer needed
  • Cholesterol level comes down drastically and patients can lower or stop lipid lowering medicines
  • Improvement in diabetes, hypertension and cholesterol levels has a direct effect on reducing the risk of heart diseases
  • After surgery patients are known to have fewer and less severe asthmatic attacks. There is increased efficiency of breathing and exercise tolerance
  • Those with gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) show relief of all symptoms of reflux within a few days
  • Stress incontinence responds dramatically to weight loss
  • After surgery patients get tremendous relief from low back ache and joint diseases
  • Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome show a return to normal regular menstrual cycles after weight loss surgery. Further, level of fertility also shows improvement

What is the difference between liposuction and Bariatric surgery?

  • Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery in which localised fat is sucked out from an area like thigh or tummy. It is not a weight loss surgery and it has no health benefits.
  • Bariatric surgery is a weight loss procedure in which accumulated fat from the body melts away gradually over 18 months’ time after surgery and it has all the health benefits as mentioned