Life at Columbia Asia

Life at Columbia Asia

"I joined Columbia Asia as a young staff nurse in 2006 and since then it has been a great journey of self-discovery, career progression and two breaks for discovering the joys of motherhood! In Columbia Asia I have been exposed to challenges that I once thought were beyond me.   Having worked for other health care companies, I can see a clear difference between how people are treated in Columbia Asia and elsewhere. Upon reflection, I feel grateful towards all the people, challenges and the opportunities that have come my way. I thrived!  Columbia Asia has lived its vision.  It truly has a passion towards making people better! I have not only seen patients health getting better but also relationships evolve and careers skyrocket! Proud to be a part of this family."

Sija Sanjay

Chief of Nursing services – Columbia Asia Mysore – India

Worked with Columbia Asia Hebbal from 2006- 2010, explored other opportunities to return to Columbia Asia with a Bang!

"Somebody once said that while looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: Integrity, Intelligence, and Energy and if you don't have the first, the other two will kill you. At Columbia Asia I have realized that Integrity is a pillar of our existence and it’s visible in how my nursing staff takes care of all our patients, be it a mother and her new born in a premature delivery or a casualty patient in the ER. With all the ups & downs I have experienced , Integrity has become my personal value, I am glad to say that the unwavering support  from the leadership team, ensuring remarkable patient care  and continuous improvement in all the processes  has kept me on my toes. It makes me look forward to a brand new productive day at work, Every day!"

Christeena Thankachan

Chief of Nursing services - Columbia Asia Hospital- Hebbal - India

13 Years with the company

"There is something definitely unique and special working for Columbia Asia, it does not have to do with the buildings, it does not have to be with the interiors, it does not involve individual departments or individual staff or doctors, it does not involve the treatment, it is not the fact that the staff or the management team members or the promoters are being called by their first name, but it does involve combined and systematic efforts of all the team members and much more which makes the atmosphere a comfortable place to work and perform."

Mr. Babu Shenoy

Senior Finance Manager- Process & Training - Columbia Asia Hospitals -India Management Office

13 Years with the company

"It’s been a wonderful journey of 11years at Columbia Asia. The open and transparent approach amongst the entire team, the opportunity to speak out loud and clear without any inhibitions, taboo or hesitation has been the biggest motivator. Not to forget the continuous appreciation of good work. My journey includes the culture of openness, mutual respect, learning, teaching, and a lot of fun as well. I am happy to have percolated this culture in to the entire team."

Arindam Banerjee

Senior General Manager- Columbia Asia Hospital – Salt Lake - India

11 Years with the company

"My Job is blessed by God. It's been an incredible ride/Journey... It still feels like day one.I am exhaling my gratitude to our esteemed organization and all my CAH colleagues for the opportunity they have given me to work with them in these years. After joining the Company I completed Masters in Radiology & Masters in Business Administration. I also got a lot of support to learn, make mistakes, improvise & shine. I wouldn't be the person I am today without Columbia Asia.Management team maintains a positive, productive relationship with all employees and are very open and approachable. Without their support it would have not been possible to complete 13 years of service."

Anto Ramesh Delvi

General Manager- Radiology Services – Columbia Asia Hospitals –India Management Office

13 Years with the company

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