Quality in Patient Care

Patient care is at the core of the existence of Columbia Asia and we aim to achieve the highest standards of care possible in an ethical manner. We are committed to providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, values, and ensure that patient values guide all clinical decisions. We also believe in safe medical systems that benefit by active patient engagement at every level of care.

Patient Care Quality Program
Hospital Design  
Minimize any inconvenience and address patient safety as per international standards. Use the best technology to provide the safest and most effective care. Design features to maximize infection control. Use of guidelines to design, plan and execute our hospitals, such as:
  • AIA Guidelines for healthcare facilities
  • NFPA code for management of medical gases in healthcare facilities
  • AERB guidelines for Radiology
  • ASHRAE guidelines for heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • NBC for structural conformance with the standards prescribed by Govt. of India
Clinical Excellence built on the principles of
  • Robust clinical governance consisting of active oversight locally by the hospital as well as centrally by medical administration at the management office
  • Well designed and monitored clinical programs
  • Practice of evidence based medicine
  • Clinical audits and peer reviews as an oversight function
  • Continuous professional development of doctors, nurses and paramedical staff
  • Multi-level physician engagement to ensure professional and career growth
Patient Centered Care
  • Patient safety and positive clinical outcomes are prioritized
  • Care that is respectful of individual patient preferences, needs and values
  • Patient values guide clinical decisions
  • Safe medical systems
  • Active patient engagement at every level of care
Customer feedback
This is an integral part of our journey towards continuous quality improvement. Feedback is collected daily from inpatients and outpatients, analyzed and improvements as applicable, implemented. Specific patient concerns are addressed immediately.