Quality Indicators

Patient satisfaction indices
  1. Outpatient satisfaction index
  2. Inpatient satisfaction index
Operational Indicators
  1. Waiting time for services including diagnostics and out-patient consultation
  2. Time for initial assessment of indoor and emergency patients
  3. Bed occupancy rate & ALOS
  4. Time taken for discharge
Infection Control
  1. Incidence of needle stick injuries
  2. Surgical site infection rate
  3. Bloodstream infection rate
  4. Incidence of bed sores after admission
Patient Safety and Quality
  1. Incidence of falls
  2. Number of reporting errors/1000 investigations
  3. Percentage of re-dos
  4. Percentage of reports co-relating with clinical diagnosis
  5. Turnaround time for issue of blood and blood components
  6. Percentage of wastage of blood and blood products
Staffing Indicators
  1. Nurse-patient ratio for ICUs and wards
  2. Employee satisfaction index
  3. Employee attrition rate
  4. Employee absenteeism rate
  5. Percentage of employees provided pre-exposure prophylaxis